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Commander-In-Chief Donald J. Trump By James E. Horn, http://www.jamesehorn.com   Is our involvement in Syria and Iraq SCHITZOPHRENIC? Many in leadership positions such as National Security Director McMaster and Secretary of Defense Mattis are woefully ignorant about the ideology of … Continue reading

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Stockholm Syndrome, Hillary Clinton, Pimps and Prostitutes, Mohammed, Dhimmis By James E. Horn   You, the reader may need to pull up a chair, gather your favorite beverage, sit back and cogitate as you read this. I was stationed at … Continue reading

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MIDDLE EAST PEACE POSSIBILITY By Former Diplomat, James E. Horn http://www.jamesehorn.com   The incoming President of the United States will be confronted with a Middle East in ever escalating conflict and tragic bloodshed, a violent conundrum that has flummoxed the … Continue reading

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Something That Trump May Want To Fix

By James E. Horn (www.jamesehorn.com) I have been around this place called earth for a while and have developed some strong political and people instincts.  With years comes a degree of wisdom connected to a knowledge of history and social … Continue reading

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WAR MONGER PRESIDENT James E. Horn During America’s 239 years of existence, we have fought many wars, first to gain our freedom, then to preserve our freedom and the freedom of others in America and then around the world. American … Continue reading

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