Something That Trump May Want To Fix

By James E. Horn (

I have been around this place called earth for a while and have developed some strong political and people instincts.  With years comes a degree of wisdom connected to a knowledge of history and social anthropology.  After many years working in the American Intelligence and National Security community, I have a reasonably clear understanding of the threats facing our precious Republic, the United States of America.  I study available information, facts, and figures from multiple sources and form my own opinions.

Armed with knowledge and cognitive skills,  an ability to connect dots, I am therefore a pro-American Patriot first and foremost.  I support Donald Trump for President.

Over the past sixty or so years, I have seen a gradual transformation of America from a strong, self-confident nation of doers and fixers to something that makes me feel sorry for our future, the future generations who may one day wake up to find themselves enslaved.



Our written and broadcast news media used to provide factual information relatively free of bias.  Journalists received educations and proceeded to report the news fairly and objectively.  Over the years however, liberals (Communists, Socialists, and their fellow travelers) have greatly influenced the educational system and changed it from what taught journalists to reason things out open mindedly and to think, to a system that indoctrinates students to be narrow minded and hypocritical, and to report in a biased manner – to ignore the truth and to propagandize.  We see this in biased polls from major media outlets, to “putting the fix in” with “moderators” to the disadvantage of one candidate and to benefit another in debates and TV interviews.  I would hope that Donald Trump, as President would provide some consequences to these poisonously biased and bigoted propaganda organizations and individuals.

I avoid watching some of these propaganda organizations and individuals on TV or reading their written words.  I’ve found that I can get more accurate information from non-American outlets over the internet.  I can only speculate that this is why the liberals (Obama, Hillary, and others) want so desperately to cede control of the internet to un-American entities that hate our precious Constitution and want to censor the information that we get.

America is for Americans.  We need to get foreign influences out of our media.  We need to make sure that only Americans own our media and sit in editorial rooms and boards of directors, not surrogates owned and controlled by the haters.  Legislation will be needed, and then citizen investigators who report on such un-American activities get rewarded.  For starters, the petrol funded or controlled, civilizationophobes such as the 67 members of the OIC who now run the UN (and fund Islamo-terrorism worldwide) should be forced to divest their investments in our American media or have them seized.



The world’s need for energy has created a huge thirst for petroleum, and with the establishment of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) cartel charging usury prices for energy, this is a major and urgent problem.

The OPEC members have not only stashed their trillions of dollars in western banks, they have bought huge quantities of stocks, even controlling quantities in those banks.  Every non-Moslem nation needs to step up and force divestment from our banks and return control to the decent, hard-working, honest citizens of their countries.

In America and elsewhere, the OPEC has paid out billions in under-the-table bribes to politicians – dozens of Senators, hundreds of Congressmen, Governors, and state legislators – to ensure that we remain energy dependent.  Obama and Hillary (and bought and paid for political hacks) are beneficiaries of these monies and this is clearly the basis for their steadfast opposition to things like the Keystone pipeline and blocking American oil companies from federal lands (another reason why Obama has seized hundreds and hundreds of thousands of acres of land from various owners and many states to stop exploitation of our vast energy resources).



In 1938 the Congress established the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) which worked to uncover disloyal subversives and traitors in America as we were heading for war with the AXIS.  The Committee also undertook to investigate what they found to be a far more ominous threat – Communism.  During this tumultuous period, Communist traitors and subversives such as the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss were uncovered.  Communist subversives were identified, and admittedly, there were excesses that were widely condemned at the time but which have been ultimately proven to be generally accurate.

The HUAC was renamed the Internal Security Committee (ISC) in 1969.  As the ISC, the focus changed to terrorism and radicalism, something that we desperately need today.  The Committee was roundly hated by many Democrats and Civil-Libertarians who had direct as well as indirect ties to Communism, along with being very sympathetic to others who hated America.  The left succeeded in killing the ISC off in 1975 during the 94th session of the U.S. Congress which was under control of the Democratic Party.  Liberal Democrat, Carl Albert was the presiding Speaker of the House when this un-American action took place.  Years later, it was learned that some of our top nuclear scientists such as Robert Oppenheimer were committed Communists who (thanks to the Liberals, Socialists, and Communists in our Congress managed to turn over our nuclear secrets to the USSR.



In recent years, William Clinton has released technology to places such as China; Jimmy Carter divulged critical rocketry and nuclear secrets to the Mullah’s in Iran and to the Pakistanis.  Obama has bent over backward to surreptitiously enable the North Koreans and Iranians to enhance their rocketry and nuclear capabilities to the point where they can soon pose a genuine threat to the Americas.

We can no longer put a military jet fighter or helicopter in the air that doesn’t have Chinese made electronics.  It is critical that we regain our technological leads and start making these critical components here, in America with cleared American workers.  We should never have to beg the Chinese for parts and pieces to keep our aircraft airworthy enough to challenge the Chinese for air superiority.

Hillary Clinton has lied to Congressional and Senatorial committees and federal agencies such as the FBI about her role in Benghazi, Libya, releases of classified information over insecure communications channels, and more.  She is at this point an unindicted felon, and Obama is protecting this elitist from the same type of prosecution and punishment afforded to four-star generals and rear rank privates.  How can any person who has a shred of decency and morality in their bodies vote for this woman?

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By James E. Horn



      Several years ago in an eastern city, there was a piece of land with a house on it.  The surrounding land was vacant, owned by a developer who now wanted the house and the small parcel of land it sat on so they could build something.  The elderly owner refused to sell.  She wanted to live out her life in the small house that her parents had built.

With some ($$$) motivation from the developer, the city fathers decided that they would seize her home under the guise of Eminent Domain.

Eminent Domain was a well-established law that held that a homeowner’s property was his or her castle and was inviolate.  Eminent Domain could ONLY be applied to take land from someone in order to serve a public need, for a road, a bridge, a school, etc., something that served the public good.

The case went to the Supreme Court who ruled against the woman.  She was paid something for her home, and was evicted.  The city sold that piece of land to the developer who proceeded to build whatever edifice they wanted, a mall, I believe.

Now, this is catching on with cities and local governments, and as we are growing with new cities, housing developments, apartment complexes, and shopping malls all over the place, property owners are facing a new issue be they farmers, homeowners on a small parcel of land, or small businesses.  When developers show up and want the land, they are obliged to make offers to purchase the land, sometimes less than what is fair or reasonable.  If the owner refuses, cities can declare Eminent Domain and them owners off of their land.  After all, it’s not really theirs, it belongs to the gummint.  Needless to say, city planners and elected officials receive largesse from these deeds, most of the time under the table.  The deals have become so sophisticated that law enforcement entities won’t devote the time and resources to investigate or prosecute.  If they do, their budgets may be cut, and other negative consequences will occur, so they let these property thefts go on.

Faced with this, many property owners do what they’re told to do, and get what the community leadership pubah’s determine to be appropriate, etc.

BEAT THEM:  ADVICE:  If you have a piece of property located in a vulnerable situation such as a rezoned zone for development, a redevelopment zone, etc., where someone may want to build a gas station, a wallyworld, a supercostgo, etc., you can expect that you are going to get the knock on the door and be served.  Before this happens, do three things:  Establish your property as an irrevocable trust in the name of your spouse, children, church, or whoever you want the property to eventually go to.  Second, establish a small corporation (that you own and control) in a nearby state, or a state where the costs of doing so are low.  Third, using that private corporation or trust, file a huge lien against your house or property, about ten times its value (or more).  When the land grabbers show up, they will have to decide to pay up, or take a hike.  Either way, you will win.



AGENDA 21, aka The Sustainable Development Plan, aka the 2030 AGENDA, aka the NEW WORLD ORDER

In the aftermath of World War II, the United Nations (UN) was created.  Its lofty goal was to promote worldwide peace, harmony, and prosperity.  One of the writers of the UN charter was the American Communist, Alger Hiss who was tried and convicted for anti-American crimes.  Needless to say, some of his input in creating the UN was intentionally hurtful.

What commenced about seventy years ago is coming home to bite us.   In the intervening years, the United States Government has been completely outmaneuvered in the UN.  Aside from a veto in the UN Security Council, the USA has virtually no voice at the UN to speak of.  The UN is now dominated and controlled by the 57 nations comprising the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) who call most of the shots at the UN.  Thanks to the West’s need for oil, the OIC has the money, they have the majority, and they have the clout.

In 1992, President George H. W. Bush (POTUS 41) attended the (epic) infamous Rio Conference on the environment (4,000 environmentalists were there, too).  Over 100 heads of state, including President Bush signed on to this plan.  When Bush returned to the United States and was queried by members of the press, he turned to them with a snarky smirk and responded: “Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER!”

Naturally, he is a Bilderberger, a cabal of the wealthy, greedy, and powerful who increasingly rule the world along with the Council on Foreign Relations and the TRILATERAL Commission.

This treaty the Bush signed was never brought before the Senate for ratification because it would never pass muster.  Everyone understood that.  Nevertheless, the Congress have passed many laws in support of this agenda, and Presidents have happily signed off on that legislation.  Why?  They get money and even more power to rule over us.  Out of this we have seen the enormous expansion of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an entity that is now considered public enemy No. 1 by many if not most Americans.  The EPA leads in imposing thousands and thousands of rules and regulations detrimental to the well-being of America, and shows no signs of letting off.

The next step in the march to a One World Government (right out of George Orwell’s frightful book, 1984) was the Kyoto Protocol, with a 6,000-page blueprint of action designed to set the global green agenda.  The 2030 Agenda goes way beyond the greenie agenda 21 goals.  This new program calls for actual reductions of populations.  How do you do that?  Make life untenable for many.  Some of this population reduction scheme is outlined in Obama’s landmark or legacy legislation, dubbed OBAMACARE

The honchos of this and related programs in America included establishing Planned Parenthood, the abortion factory which by virtue of its locations throughout urban America is in poor black and Latino neighborhoods where 90% of the babies murdered are Latino and black.  The Republican Party and Christians strongly oppose this baby killing, the culling of racial undesirables as determined by the Democratic Party, liberals, and progressives who have embraced this wholeheartedly.

I digress.


     The focus here is land ownership, land usage, and property rights.  I am in the West, and this is where I focus mostly, but people in every state need to be aware of this as it may be happening in your state already, or will soon start.

      The EPA, both the Federal EPA and various state EPA organizations are hell bent on strangling businesses and property ownership with burdensome and very costly rules and regulations.

While California’s population is reportedly growing, thousands of businesses, business owners, wealth generators, etc. have fled California in droves taking their money and jobs with them.  California’s tax revenues are falling in terms of taxpayers and business payment of taxes.  California keeps borrowing and its debt load may soon be insurmountable.

[I knew a Los Angeles company that produced industrial and specialty chemicals which they wholesaled for prices ranging from $5 to $20 per pint can.  The CAL EPA started regulating this industry heavily, charging millions of dollars in fees, for inspections, and more.  The company (along with others) packed up and left California, and fired over forty employees (cumulative payroll of about 1.5 million dollars a year, and many thousands in income, sales, and local taxes lost, gone).  They set up shop in Nevada producing the same products, selling them back into the California market at prices 15-25% lower than when they were located in California, and this included transportation costs.]

Land and property owners throughout the USA are discovering that the property they bought or their families settled over a century ago isn’t theirs, and they don’t have a right to used or husband their land or work within other long established arrangements without oppressive EPA or Bureau of Land Management (BLM) interference.


A California family in a small city had a piece of land, about ten acres, and they wanted to put in a small animal petting facility and play area for local children.  The EPA told them that they would have to cede 30% of their land to the government for “habitat” purposes, but still pay annual property taxes on the property (that they were forbidden to use) and would also have to maintain it at their expense.

In another area, a family owned a piece of rural property where they lived, kept some horses and other pets, and had a workshop for the owner’s business.  Their water started to go bad, and they applied for a permit to put in a new well.  The state and county demanded upwards of $20,000 in fees and permits, that they cede a dozen acres of land to the government where the government would install a scientist to study butterflies, but that the property owner would be required to provide water, electricity and other amenities for the scientist (several thousand dollars a year).  It didn’t happen.  Under cover of darkness, the property owner prepared for his next step which was to smuggle a drilling rig onto the property one night.  He surreptitiously sunk a new well which he camouflaged before bringing the drilling rig back to Arizona.  To provide water for his business and family’s use, he had to become a law breaker.  He’s still paying several thousand dollars a year in fees and taxes to the county based on his original well, but has avoided/evaded the onerous burden the gummint wanted to impose on him.

A man bought a 3,000 acre cattle farm over 30-years ago.  It has a nice spring that provides fresh potable water, a 3-acre (man-made) lake and a pond with fish, with water for his cattle, with surplus spring water flowing into a distant reservoir for others to use.  Along came the EPA who declared that he was using “their” water and that he’d have to pay (thousands of dollars per year to use it), that the 30-year old, established lake was illegal and must be drained and filled, and more.  He cited Ex Post Facto laws, and sued he EPA and BLM.  Somewhere along the line, the EPA and BLM goons were served with harassment suits, Restraining Orders, etc.  He posted signs indicating that unauthorized intruders would be shot.

Some other people with a 5,000 acre parcel dammed up a creek for recreational purposes, stocked it with fish, and the EPA came along and cited them for the illegal dam.  Weeks later there was a huge mountain fire, and the fire department’s choppers drew thousands of gallons of water to use on the fire just five miles away.  Without that pond, the fire department would have had to fly water in from 35-miles away.  The State fire Marshall told the EPA and BLM to leave and cease their harassment.

In Nevada, cattle rancher Cliven Bundy had access to federally owned semi-desert scrub land his family had been using for nearly a century.  The BLM claimed that he owed them money and showed up and started killing his cattle.  The BLM excuse was that the cattle endangered some desert tortoises that hadn’t been negatively affected for the previous 100 or so years.  This turned into a standoff where hundreds of citizens, many of them armed stepped forward and confronted the BLM thugs for a week until the BLM backed down.

In a related land dispute with the BLM, LaVoy Fincum was shot and killed by FBI agents in Oregon.  In viewing the replay on TV, he was clearly shot in the back.

The land grabbers seriously want to deny people their long standing and well established traditional use of otherwise vacant land.

The once prosperous bread basket to the world, the Central Valley of California is becoming a dust bowl.  Thousands of farmers have gone out of business and many thousands of workers have lost their jobs.  It’s about water.

The EPA and greenies up north have determined that some obscure little fish needs all of the water (a lot of water in the Sacramento River and delta), that the amount of water that sustained them a decade ago was no longer sufficient.  So, they shut the water to farmers off.

The water issue could easily be solved, but the Democrats and crooks who run California don’t want this.  Not far from the largest ocean on earth, the Pacific, these politicians and crooks refuse to allocate resources to build desalination plants on the coast and pump the needed water the hundred or so miles into the valley to let the farmers survive, workers thrive, and let people eat good food at reduced costs.  No way is this permissible for these curmudgeons.

There’s a huge opportunity for them to put more illicit money into their pockets.  Yes, an opportunity:

First:  In Arizona’s desert west of Phoenix, there are vast areas of land that the Saudis (under some guise) have either purchased or gained control of.  There are enormous aquafers beneath these lands.  The Arabs have established monster farms where they apparently suck billions of gallons of water from those aquafers to feed their crops, which they harvest and bring back home to feed livestock, or sell on the world market (at prices below what American farmers can produce the same products).  No doubt, Arizona politicians have been handsomely paid off, the EPA and BLM have been told to shut up and suck it up, etc.  In time, those aquafers will play out, and the Saudis will need new land.

The Saudis are likely working with those wonderful, resourceful Sacramento and California politicians to push these vast Central Valley farmlands to go broke where the land will become available for a song.  There is water beneath the Central Valley, but the EPA and other official entities prohibit farmers from tapping into those sources without permission.

The Saudis and their Arab partners are already active in California with their greedy eyes on the Central Valley which they will proceed to rape as they are doing in Arizona.

The American people will suffer the consequences of their politicians.  The American people need to get those politicians who do NOT have the American’s interests at heart out of office, and elect and install politicians who are relatively honest and who care.





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Unsocial Media Freedom of Expression be Damned

Unsocial Media

Freedom of Expression be Damned

By Jamese E. (Jim) Horn

            Most of us have seen reports on TV, listened to talk radio show commentary, and, of course read reports over the internet about the very troubling practice of politically motivated censoring of social media.  Twitter has shut users down, removed tweets deemed politically or socially offensive and so forth.  It’s been the same with Facebook’s censoring that which someone somewhere (or some creative algorithm) determines to be vaguely offensive to someone or some entity.

With Facebook, it seems more obvious, or is it frequent and notorious? Conservative and religious input has been blocked or removed along with pro-Israel and counter-Islam materials and users have been dismissively and arbitrarily shut down, given a 30+ day time-out, or some other manner of “discipline” for wordsmithing perceived to be misbehavior.

You Tube has done some of the same.  I was once given a 90-day time out.  In the commentary section of one segment I offended someone who reported me.  I didn’t even use bad or harsh language, just powerful logic and facts.

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and possibly others have bowed down on bended knee to agree to a European “code of conduct” pledging to filter, manipulate, remove, or block content that some ubersensitive entity deems to be something offensive to someone.

In other words, speaking the truth and presenting facts, or even expressing honest opinions may now be considered hate speech, a clear violation of our First Amendment rights of free expression.  Members of the UN who in fact control the UN are working tirelessly to undermine our First amendment rights by working with members of Congress and political groups who fear the truth.  {Saying anything that offends a Mullah or Imam can arbitrarily be determined as hate speech, something they would send us to prison for.) Quite clearly Orwell’s 1984 is creeping up on us.

The great state of California has passed legislation that will hold anyone who expresses disbelief and speaks contrarily about man-made climate change to be a criminal of some sort.  [When Mt. St. Helen blew, it pumped more pollutants into the air than all of mankind’s methane gas emissions over a period of more than ten decades.]  This legislation was promulgated by California Secretary of State Kemala Harris who is a candidate for the U.S. Senate to replace the like minded wacko, Barbara Boxer.

These social media entities are NOT held properly accountable to we the people.  This is wrong and we must find ways to hold them accountable when they mistreat us.  How?  Should we start treating them like public utilities to be regulated by commissions?  Can we insist that they bring onboard a group of Ombudsmen of our (not their) choice who can pass judgment?  How about getting some attorneys organized who can initiate class and/or individual lawsuits against social media entities who do wrong?

Zuckerman and his arrogant counterparts need to wake up and understand that they can and will be held accountable for their own misconduct.

James E. (Jim) Horn is a Retired Diplomat.


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China Owes Bill Clinton Big Time

by James E. Horn


Does anyone wonder how China’s navy has been able to move rapidly from a third-world rust bucket to a large and growing world class navy in just 20-years?

Bill Clinton is the answer

Most of us who have been around just a bit understand from many sources  Chinese government paid for Bill Clinton’s first election as POTUS (42).  The Chinese provided hundreds of millions of dollars using direct infusions of cash, millions funneled through straw donors, tinsel town notables, political consultants, PACs, lobbyists, and more – enough to fund the election with change left over.

During World War II, Kaiser Steel built the largest steel plant on the West Coast and provided quality steel to the ship building industry for decades until California started killing it’s Golden Goose industries.  After Kaiser Steel declared bankruptcy in the 1980s, much of the plant was torn down and the land redeveloped.

China wanted the strategic portions of that plant.  When the Chinese came calling, Bill Clinton was quick to clear all of the hurdles to enable this sale and the export of those strategic parts of this facility.  Those modern portions of the plant were sold to the Chinese government in the 1990’s.  Using a Chinese crew of engineers and technicians, the facilities were disassembled piece by piece with each washer, screw, nut, rivet, column, beam, etc. cataloged as they reverse engineered everything.  This took a fewf years.

The materials were reassembled in China less than 20-years ago as a fine modern state-of-the-art steel producing plant, one of the finest in the world.  The plant formed the backbone for China’s modernized steel industry.  Several more identical plants have since been built using those blueprints.  These Clinton authorized plants provided China with a great leap forward enabling China to produce quantities of consistently high quality industrial and military grade steel.  These were needed to build China’s modern military (and sky scrapers, enormous bridges, dams, and more), and especially its world-class navy that the world now has to deal with in the South China Sea.

Will the Chinese commemorate Willy Clinton’s contributions to China’s military might with a statue at one of those plants?


James E. Horn is a retired American Diplomat

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Due Dilligence

By James E. Horn

All of a sudden, we see a flurry activity surrounding changing images on our currency without the whole issue being fully and comprehensively explained.  I see something terribly malodorous about this.  Is there an underlying agenda here that is essentially evil?

This sudden activity seems like someone is trying to stampede us towards poorly considered changes that can have probable or possible negative consequences that could hurt people.

I have no issue with putting a new picture on a paper currency notes or a new image on a coin if the motivation is pure.  However, such changes MUST be with the concurrence of the people, not partisan political hacks with an agenda.  Significant and historically beneficial people like Harriet Tubman – OK, Martin Luther King – OK, George Washington Carver – OK – but only with concurrence of we the people.

However, whimsically making any such significant changes now is terribly foolish or unwise.  With twenty trillion dollars of debt, do we need to waste millions or billions of dollars on something like this at this time?

Many Americans increasingly distrust our government, many in our leadership, and their various motivations.  We need to understand that there are other issues that we must be aware of and to carefully consider.  It’s called due diligence.

There is broad consensus that many Americans may be involved in an underground economy where cash payments or barter exchanges are made in order to avoid leaving a trail for an increasingly partisan and avaricious IRS.  Also, Progressives and Communists along with their Democratic partners are seeking ways to take control of (to steal) more of our dwindling financial assets that they can use for things that DO NOT benefit We The People.

Underlying agenda for currency modifications:  In other countries, governments have changed the currency images, sizes, and other things (for example, Burma did away with 20, 50, and 100 currency unit denominations and installed 15, 40, 75, 90 denominations) and once this was done, they then required everyone to bring their “old” currency in to banks to exchange it for the new notes.  The “old” money would become useless in 120 days.  Anyone with excessive amounts of the “old” currencies was led away in chains.  Needless to say, thousands of people had to burn their money….

Accompanying this here in America may or will be a process where the “old” notes stashed away in pillowcases would be nullified and become valueless within a certain time frame just as banana republics have worked it out.  Guess what?  Copious records would be made of the money turned in and exchanged.  The IRS and other officially sanctioned thieves would then conduct whatever analyses that they would want to use to extrapolate that perhaps some people had squirreled money away (illegally, of course).  They would be compelled suddenly to pay their “fair share” with stiff fines, back-taxes, and perhaps even prison time.  Doubt that?  Count on it!

Naturally, elites and upper echelon tax dodgers with money stashed in foreign denominations in foreign banks would not have to worry about this.  Just We The People who honestly toil for what we have would be targeted and ripped off.  Why are there so many programs offering gold and silver as hedges.  How, about diamonds and other tangible assets that are not currency as a way to protect what we have worked so hard to get.?

Everyone needs to contact their Representatives and Senators and demand that this idea be nixed immediately.




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Sand Pit of Disaster


By James E. Horn

Retired U.S. Diplomat


Author:  EXPERIENCING ISLAM [Censored by the CIA, Banned by Librarians]


Is the USA prepared for an unmitigated disaster that may soon cost thousands or even millions of American lives?


Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and American Folly



Western powers have not fared well recently in dealing with Islam.  The British were handed their royal backsides in a basket after nearly two hundred years in Afghanistan/Pakistan and departed with their tails between their legs.

When the Russians went into Afghanistan forty years ago, they had a good chance of success until the myopic progressives reactionaries, led by Jimmy Carter, stepped in to help our mortal enemy against the Russians.  In disgust, the Russians bailed and left a void soon filled by America’s creation, Al Qaeda and the Taliban.  In repayment for the billions spent in nurturing those enemies, the World Trade Center was wiped out, and American embassies have been attacked and bombed with impunity.

With billions invested working to civilize Iran over decades, Jimmy Carter started to seriously dismantle America’s defenses to let the devoted followers of Mohammed take over Iran, whose surrogate Shiia militia, Hezbollah later murdered 243 Marines in Beirut (Reagan ran away from that fight), and then slick Willie followed suit and let other Islamists humiliate us in Somalia.  The paper tiger became a reality.



The mainstream Islamists of OPEC surged forward in Europe and the United States funneling billions of petrodollars in bribes to successfully take control of greedy western politicians and institutions.  Most of those witless politicians believed they were merely getting cash donations, while a few seditionist traitors just knew they were selling the American people down the drain to oblivion.  Americans included in this list include Carter, the Clintons (including aspiring POTUS, Hillary) the Bushes, Chuck Schumer, “Turban” Durbin, and many others; and the self-affirmed Islamist in the White House, Barak Hussein Obama.

The acceptance of these bribes and political and related contributions led to the placement of anti-American Islamist colonizers in the highest places of American National Security organizations and in institutions all over the country.  Politically, the US leadership is self-hamstrung with many in the tank for Islamists who are increasingly controlling us as they attack our Constitution from all flanks.



            “What difference does it make?” bellowed Hillary Clinton regarding the four brave dead men at Benghazi, a terrorist action directed at an American diplomatic mission with no appropriate retribution from the USA, a further affirming of our inability to hold Islamic terrorists accountable.  Neither did Hillary and her fellow obeisant servant to Islam, Obama retaliate at the Moslem Brotherhood for their attack on the Embassy in Cairo.  In fact, Obama with Hillary’s connivance paid tribute to Morsi and his Moslem Brotherhood.


Afghanistan and Iraq

George W. Bush decided to go after the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan where empires have been crushed.  Bush went into Iraq to take out a tyrant which led to the installation of a greater evil.  Bush’s adviser on Arabic affairs spoke not a word of Arabic, had never cracked the cover of a Koran, and then advised Bush to declare that Islam is a religion of peace without understanding the duplicitous meaning of that word vis-à-vis Islam.  Bush’s equally ignorant National Security Adviser, Condi Rice (an expert on Russia and Eastern Europe) blissfully played along because she was basically clueless about what ought to have been done.


IRAQ:  We won militarily in Iraq, but politically our efforts resulted in an abject failure (because of Obama’s negligent failure to follow through) which let the Sunni Republican Guard evolve into al Qaeda which morphed into ISIS/ISIL which tore Iraq apart.  We squandered the lives of thousands of Americans and billions of dollars here and put in place what is becoming an Iranian surrogate government in Baghdad.  Already, we are attempting to re-engage American ground troops in this sandy quagmire to defend a mortal (Shiia) enemy of America from another mortal (Sunni) enemy of America which has been partially financed by so-called American allies in Saudi Arabia.  Go figure.

In the meantime, Obama engineered an agreement (unsigned by Iran) that provided Iran with billions of dollars that are being used in part to recruit, train, and outfit hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan who will come after America.



Iraq:  We have well over 5,000 potential hostages in Iraq ripe for capture when things go bad.  Those over 5,000 Americans are defenseless to a major assault that can be mounted by a hundred thousand or more Shiia fanatics who would take the Americans as hostages.  Those American hostages can become the human shields that the Shiia Iranians will use to compel America to do things against our best interests; to try to keep America neutral regarding Israel.  Further, the Iranians could dictate to Obama that he should engage Israel militarily on the Iranian’s behalf.  Those are very real situational scenarios that no American leaders even dare discuss.

Barak Obama knows and understands this and nothing is being done to protect those Americans from the absolute barbarity that may befall them.  As hundreds of Americans suffer and die, will Hillary again exclaim “What difference does it make?” Will cowardly Secretary of State Kerry sand tall?

Afghanistan:  Barak Obama has screwed America so badly in Afghanistan that it is beyond comprehension.  Has he installed inept sycophant generals and senior officers lacking the competence to make independent and effective command decisions other than to duck for cover?  Obama gave the Taliban (now with probable Iran funding) a calendar of planned events so that, with enhanced numbers and weaponry, they can prepare to attack and kill or seize thousands of Americans as hostages for whatever they can get.

How many Americans is Obama going to sacrifice to his ego and to satisfy his Mohammedan masters’ lust for blood?  Let’s look at more than ten thousand who could become abandoned, marooned, and cut off (Obama will let this happen if he can), and then, at the hands of Iran backed barbarians, some Americans will do the Daniel Pearl gurgle as their throats are slowly sliced on live TV.

The Berghdal release was just a cover to release five of the nastiest animals on earth from GITMO.  Obama sent a clear signal to the Taliban that they will get all of their prisoners back by kidnapping and holding American military or civilian hostages.

Shazam!  Obama will have fulfilled his promise to empty GITMO.


Suggestion:  P-l-a-n:

As I have often told others, follow the principle of the seven P’s – Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Are our present political and military leaders (and candidates for the Presidency) capable of following the seven P’s in planning for the above possible scenarios?

We must prepare (Emergency Action and Evacuation Plans) to get everyone out of Iraq with real plans to sweep in with massive forces, take control of the Iran-Iraq border to make it too hot for Iranian troops to cross the border, and get our people out.  This would be a huge defeat for the America haters, and a vitally important tactical victory for us.  Will Obama do that?

We must immediately move and rapidly consolidate all of our forces in Afghanistan, and proceed to get them out of there now.  If the Pakistanis try to intervene to block us, we can take action by eliminating their nukes, airports, air force, etc., by unleashing every bit of shock and awe that we can muster.  Will Obama do that to protect Americans?

We should even consider getting the Russians involved to help us, and I’ll bet that they would, to save us as we did them in WWII.

If we don’t move to protect ourselves and our interests, we need to think of a new option:  Obeisance to our Moslem masters?



Islam and its cast of over a billion devoted followers of Mohammedism know and understand that they are at war with us and each of them understands the role that they are playing towards achieving victory over us Infidels and Kafirs, and to dominate the world..

Our myopic American leadership (political, religious, and institutional) is in what I call abject denial and refuses to acknowledge that we are under daily attack; that Islam has declared and is at unconditional war with us.  Too many willfully ignorant American leaders are thus clueless about what needs to be done.  They need to be removed from their high offices and be replaced by men and women of courage, ethics, and character who have functioning intellectual and critical thinking skills, and are capable of making decisions towards taking the type of action that will preserve civilization.  Some harsh decisions need to be made

Islam/Mohammedism has been on the march for 1400 years and has grown from a den of thieves in Medina into a band of thieving brigands controlling a huge swath of the earth ranging from some Philippine Islands to the shores of Morocco; parts of Asia and Europe, to huge swaths of Africa.  The entire world  (umma) under Islamic domination is one of barbarity, hatred, greed, lust, suffering, misery, poverty, and savagery that remains beyond the comprehension of arrogant, self-centered westerners who lack fundamental cognitive skills, or worse – who refuse to understand what is coming, and deny reality, the reality of the thundering train wreck rushing at us.

The treacherous elitist progressives like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, even john Kasich are floundering and are helping Islam drive civilization towards the ash heap.  These progressives think that with their utopian socialist dreams that they will create a world of serfs with a few of them at the helm in control of the masses.  Epic fail!  Their throats will be the first to feel the slices of dirty, dull knives.

In my book EXPERIENCING ISLAM, I describe what the outcome will definitely be if we end up under the domination and control of Moslems in our nation.  It will scare the stuff out of people.


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REVEALED: An Enemy Within

By way of introduction, I am a retired Foreign Service Officer who worked for the Department of State and served abroad for a quarter of a century.

At a recent meeting, a question was posed to me about something I had never thought of or considered nor to my knowledge has any other prognosticator addressed this.  The question:  Is it true that a lot of State Department officials are Moslem?

The Department of State, the CIA, the Department of Defense and many other agencies have a continuing need for linguists (over 165 languages and dialects).  We need to train our people in languages to enable them to perform their duties.  There are two primary institutions for language training, the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute located in Northern Virginia, and the Pentagon’s Defense Language Institute located in Monterey, California.

The length of a language course depends on the complexity of the language.  For example, an American can learn rudimentary “soft” languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian in five months, French in six months, etc.  Medium languages such as German, Russian, or Scandinavian languages can be learned in eleven months. “Hard” languages are Korean, Mongolian, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic require a much longer training cycle of up to three years for high levels of proficiency.  Only people with a very high language aptitude can begin to qualify for such extensive and costly training.

Arabic’s learning course begins with a year in the United States at one of the aforementioned institutes. The second year is a total immersion program in an Arabic speaking country where the student lives away from and does not associate with many other English speakers, has no American TV, radio, newspapers, etc.  By the end of this second year, the student has achieved some fluency.  Only the very top 10% of this group are moved into a third year, usually at Al-Azhar University (and Mosque) in Cairo, Egypt.  Throughout this training, instruction is primarily provided by Imams.

When I was assigned to the American Consulate in Istanbul, I received two hours per day of Turkish language training, and then spent some of my leisure time making friends with Turks where I could practice over tea at café’s, etc.  From one of these contacts, I was introduced to an English speaking Imam at Istanbul’s Blue Mosque where I received more Turkish training for free.  My Turkish language instructor at the Consulate was, of course, an Imam.

An Imam is highly trained in Islam.  Imams who speak English are further trained in Dawah (Moslem Missionary Work) and serve as propagandists in order to spread Islam, to recruit others to follow Islam, to convert either openly or covertly to Islam.

For example, the CIA Director is very likely a Moslem convert who reportedly swore his oath to Islam while he was stationed in Saudi Arabia.  When sworn in, he refused to place his hand on a bible, but instead used an original draft of the constitution dating from 1787 – before it included the Bill of Rights.  A Moslem’s oath of allegiance to Islam supersedes any oath to protect and defend the Constitution.  Therefore, isn’t CIA director Brennan sworn to defend Islam to the detriment of America?  Isn’t that a traitor?

Through the Arabic language program, all students are subjected to intense pressure by their Arabic teachers to adopt – to swear an allegiance to Islam by repeating the Shahada oath three times.  There should be no doubt that some if not many of our State Department, CIA, Military, and other agencies’ Arabic and other world of Islam linguists are covert converts to Islam as is CIA Director Brennan.

My answer to the question is:  Yes, indeed, a lot of people involved in our national security organizations have unfortunately sworn their allegiance to the enemy – Islam.  They are Americans born and raised in our communities, and also are Moslem Brotherhood appointees.  Their numbers are probably in the thousands, and they are working steadily to subvert our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our republic.  They need to be ferreted out and removed from their positions and either deported or exiled.

Let’s not forget that subsequent to the Moslem sneak attacks on the United states on 9/11, certain people in Washington decided that we needed to bring hundreds if not thousands of Arabic speakers into play at the National Security Agency, CIA, and other agencies to translate thousands of daily Arabic language communications into English.  To the detriment of the American people, this was done hastily and with the wrong people advising the president and others in accomplishing this task.  Unfortunately, Moslem Brotherhood (the enemy) operatives were put in charge of this massive hiring program.  Thousands of fluent Arabic speaking Christians and Jews were excluded totally from this program.  Only Moslems got the jobs, and I can assure you that valuable, important intelligence was not properly translated (if at all) and what did go forward was with the intent of misinforming and misleading our top officials in the White House and elsewhere.  We are suffering severe consequences of this foolishness, and if we are to survive as a viable republic, need to rectify this quickly, or perish.

And, yes, I was pressured to repeat the Moslem oath, the Shadah and convert to Islam.  By this point, I had learned enough about Islam and had the good sense to refuse and to walk away from that pressure.

James E. Horn is a retired American Diplomat

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