Due Dilligence

By James E. Horn

All of a sudden, we see a flurry activity surrounding changing images on our currency without the whole issue being fully and comprehensively explained.  I see something terribly malodorous about this.  Is there an underlying agenda here that is essentially evil?

This sudden activity seems like someone is trying to stampede us towards poorly considered changes that can have probable or possible negative consequences that could hurt people.

I have no issue with putting a new picture on a paper currency notes or a new image on a coin if the motivation is pure.  However, such changes MUST be with the concurrence of the people, not partisan political hacks with an agenda.  Significant and historically beneficial people like Harriet Tubman – OK, Martin Luther King – OK, George Washington Carver – OK – but only with concurrence of we the people.

However, whimsically making any such significant changes now is terribly foolish or unwise.  With twenty trillion dollars of debt, do we need to waste millions or billions of dollars on something like this at this time?

Many Americans increasingly distrust our government, many in our leadership, and their various motivations.  We need to understand that there are other issues that we must be aware of and to carefully consider.  It’s called due diligence.

There is broad consensus that many Americans may be involved in an underground economy where cash payments or barter exchanges are made in order to avoid leaving a trail for an increasingly partisan and avaricious IRS.  Also, Progressives and Communists along with their Democratic partners are seeking ways to take control of (to steal) more of our dwindling financial assets that they can use for things that DO NOT benefit We The People.

Underlying agenda for currency modifications:  In other countries, governments have changed the currency images, sizes, and other things (for example, Burma did away with 20, 50, and 100 currency unit denominations and installed 15, 40, 75, 90 denominations) and once this was done, they then required everyone to bring their “old” currency in to banks to exchange it for the new notes.  The “old” money would become useless in 120 days.  Anyone with excessive amounts of the “old” currencies was led away in chains.  Needless to say, thousands of people had to burn their money….

Accompanying this here in America may or will be a process where the “old” notes stashed away in pillowcases would be nullified and become valueless within a certain time frame just as banana republics have worked it out.  Guess what?  Copious records would be made of the money turned in and exchanged.  The IRS and other officially sanctioned thieves would then conduct whatever analyses that they would want to use to extrapolate that perhaps some people had squirreled money away (illegally, of course).  They would be compelled suddenly to pay their “fair share” with stiff fines, back-taxes, and perhaps even prison time.  Doubt that?  Count on it!

Naturally, elites and upper echelon tax dodgers with money stashed in foreign denominations in foreign banks would not have to worry about this.  Just We The People who honestly toil for what we have would be targeted and ripped off.  Why are there so many programs offering gold and silver as hedges.  How, about diamonds and other tangible assets that are not currency as a way to protect what we have worked so hard to get.?

Everyone needs to contact their Representatives and Senators and demand that this idea be nixed immediately.




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One Response to DUE DILLIGENCE

  1. Thank you Jim. You’re wisely stating something that I’ve been questioning. Why now? It seems like a “majoring in the minors” thing unless it does go deeper.

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