BE AFRAID! Big Brother’s Jack Booted Thugs Are Here

In February of 2016, LaVoy Finicum was shot to death in Oregon.  Apparently he was guilty of some sort of a crime that warranted execution without trial.  His felony was that he peacefully occupied some disputed land, and defended his right to be there with a gun (that he never fired in anger).  The dispute could have, should have been settled in a court or through mediation.  Instead, it ended with an assassination of LaVoy who may even have been unarmed when he was shot.  Will these details ever come out?  In my opinion, and this is an assumption, I believe that Fincum had something to say, a story to tell, that certain authorities in The Sheriff’s Department and the FBI (and more than likely others) didn’t want out there.  So, he was assassinated to keep him silent.

We see more and more American citizens being executed, principally by the FBI.  If they aren’t executed, they are often stripped of their property and rights and slammed into prison.  Why?  They are guilty of committing some sort of felony that the “authorities” can apply against people who may have just done something dumb, without malice…  Then, of course, we see increasing numbers of law enforcement types being assassinated by thugs.  Fincum, however, was not a thug.

There are 50,000 (yes – fifty thousand) statutes on the books in America that can result in a felony arrest, being thrown into jail, tried in a court, and being buried in a prison.  Just recently, a news magazine opined that just abut every American commits at least three felonies every day.

Bigamy is a felony, and our government only applies this when someone is being targeted.  We have a few million Moslems in this country practicing bigamy.  They are felons.  Nobody touches them.  This is flat wrong, and those officials who are derelict in their duties regarding bigamy are also committing a crime – a crime of omission – a probable felony in some statute.  Why are they not being prosecuted?

Writer and movie producer, Dinesh D’Souza unwittingly committed a felony and was busted for it.  Thousands and thousands of people have done the same thing (mostly on a larger scale) and barely got a slap on the wrist, if anything.  However, D’Souza had earlier committed a cardinal sin (not a felony, mind you) by publishing a book and making a movie highly critical of Barak Hussein Obama.  Obama was embarrassed and humiliated by the facts and truths in that movie, 2016.  Obviously, this infuriated Obama, that a lowly immigrant (legal) like D’Souza would have the temerity to criticize Obama whose citizenship is highly questionable.  So, Obama sicced his jack booted dogs on D’Souza’s trail and after some investigation, they found a foolish avoidable commission of a felonious act.  D’Souza was tried, convicted, and served eight months.  D’Souza was Obama’s second “political” prisoner.

Remember:  We have 50,000 statutes that can be used to imprison a person.  Joseph Stalin’s henchman Lavrenty Beria bragged that he could imprison anyone in the USSR based on a violation of just one or more of 3,000 statutes in the USSR’s books.

One may wonder why the FBI and BLM didn’t assassinate Nevada cattleman, Cliven Bundy?  Was it because of literally hundreds of people, aka witnesses (including Sheriff’s deputies), out there in Nevada who had the FEDS both outnumbered and outgunned?

Millions have committed the felony of crossing our border illegally (the first time is a misdemeanor, after that it’s more serious), with thousands then committing any number of crimes such as robbery, extortion, rape, and murder, and Obama flat out refuses to prosecute them.  Isn’t Obama’s refusal to prosecute them a felony in itself?  He should be brought up on charges and prosecuted, and then face the music for his willful negligence.

Thousands of Moslem girls as young as three are subjected to rapes, genital mutilation, beatings, other forms of sexual or physical abuse, and then murdered in “honor” killings.  Every such act committed on a female is a felony, and nobody is taking action to protect these young children from such horrible abuses.  Why?  Is our republic becoming so totally corrupted that thousands of violent, harmful, hurtful felonies go unpunished?  Yet an unlawful contribution to a political campaign (the candidate lost, too) can get a decent, moral, man a felony conviction.

When I was in government, I too had the very highest of levels TOP SECRET, code word access to Sensitive Compartmentalized Intelligence.  I knew damned well that if I willfully compromised any one of those documents, I’d go so deep into a slammer, it would be a long time before I saw the light of day.  General Petraeous just showed a couple of them to his busty bed bunny and got time.

The former Secretary of State (Clinton) blatantly ignored security rules, allowed super sensitive materials to float around and perhaps compromised Afghans whose lives may be in danger, if they are still alive.  She and Obama, and others of the elites think she should get a walk and so does Loretta Lynch who declared that her Department of Justice is under no obligation to take FBI advice on prosecuting Clinton.  That’s the elite cop-out to let Hillary go free.

If this elite rulers vs. the people continues even a little bit further, very negative consequences against any self-identified ruling clique will occur.

In this connection, some of those same self-identified “elites are coming up with another felony charge justifying psychiatric confinement and punishment just as was done to dissenters in the Communist Soviet Union.  They want to link anti-government (anti elite) thinking with having some sort of a deficiency problem – the elites want to become the THOUGHT POLICE.  The elites want to deny anyone who disagrees with them the right to even think much less speak freely.  Like their Moslem partners and paymasters, they want to remove our First Amendment and install blasphemy laws in order to imprison or execute free citizens and patriots just for thinking.

As I look back over my too many decades in America, I am seeing things deteriorate before my eyes and that my once majestic, shining star in the sky, America is becoming a banana republic run by despots intolerant of us.  I know this because, for a quarter of a century, I lived and worked abroad, mostly in third world countries (banana republics) and saw them (the elitists) in action.

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2 Responses to BE AFRAID! Big Brother’s Jack Booted Thugs Are Here

  1. Finicum was killed in Oregon, not Washington as your article reports.

  2. Marilyn says:

    I would love to hear the full TRUE story behind the Oregon “stand-off”. I think the Bundy family are what patriots should be, Americans who stand up to intimidation and injustice in an effort to be heard. How many “real” American patriots still exist in our country?

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