Boston Marathon Attack, Benghazi Attack, Terrorism



The Deception Marathon of Benghazigate/Bostongate


We need to demand that the Congress investigate deeper into the cause behind the Islamic terrorist bombing in Boston.  Investigate the reasons why Benghazi was attacked by Islamic terrorists.  There are links tying them together.  Some of the connecting dots are here.

The Obama administration is demonstrably the least trustworthy and most corrupt and corrupted administration this country has ever experienced.  There may be people who will disagree with this assessment because cognitive skills do happen to escape some people.  The buck stops at Obama’s desk.

Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Leon Panetta, and dozens more worked tirelessly not to solve the Benghazigate incident, but instead to cover it up, and now it is apparent that the same Obama crew are busily covering up certain aspects or threads linking to the Boston jihadi (dare I use the forbidden term, Islamic terrorist) attack.

Four people were slaughtered by Islamic jihadis in Benghazi and Obama, Clinton, and dozens of others lied blaming the “Innocence of Muslims” video trailer that had been posted on the internet for several months without notice.  Clearly the lies of Obama, Clinton, and others remain an intentional attempt to blame innocent people for the terrorist attack committed by an al Qaeda affiliate, and to cover for other nefarious activities.

Reportedly, the Islamic terrorist action at Benghazi took the CIA by surprise.  That’s no surprise.  The handicapped CIA is inept in gathering and analyzing meaningful on-the-ground intelligence.  The causes of the CIA’s ineptitude are discussed in detail in the (censored by the CIA) book EXPERIENCING ISLAM and Becoming Islam-Aware.

Apparently, the clandestine operations side of the CIA was heavily involved in the illegal acquisition of weapons from terrorist al Qaeda affiliates in Libya and shipping them to al Qaeda Sunni terrorists in Syria via Turkey.  Of course, we taxpayers paid the bill for these weapons.  One cannot claim that the so-called freedom fighters in Syria are all Syrians.  Several thousand Turks, Palestinians, Jordanians, Saudis, and others are involved.  The Saudis are their paymasters.  The CIA, which is infiltrated by Islamists aka The Moslem Brotherhood, who are not kindly disposed towards the USA was acting at the behest of the Sunni Saudis who hate and fear the Shiia/Alawites who govern Syria and Iran, and much of Iraq.  Obama was aware of all of this as was Hillary Clinton both of whom may have played active roles in planning this.  They certainly jumped in for the cover up and lied and lied for weeks until mounting pressure forced them to admit their deceit – that the terrorist act was a planned and orchestrated al Qaeda attack.  Americans died, and Obama and Clinton lied.  We should never forget this.

Unbelievably, the State Department even had a contract with al Qaeda affiliates to provide security at the consulate office.  What level of stupidity prevailed here?

There were adequate USAF, USMC, and Naval forces nearby who could have gone in and settled the peace quickly within a few hours.  They were repeatedly ordered to stand down, and the Admiral in charge of the Sixth (Mediterranean) fleet was cashiered.  Why?  Did he have the courage stand up to the Obama crew who perhaps wanted the Ambassador dead?

Once highly respected Ambassador Thomas Pickering co-chaired the Accountability Review Board and his now discredited performance was a sell out, a whitewash of Clinton’s and Obama’s abject failure.  He failed to examine all sides of the story and went for the politically correct action of covering for the Obama and Clinton party line.  He sold his honor and integrity.  Shame on him!

Weeks after the incident, we learned that there were about thirty additional Americans present in Benghazi during this terrorist attack.  They were hustled out of the country and into solitude (imprisoned) where months later nobody knows who they are or where they are, or why they are being silenced.  Some who want to come out and to talk about this have been threatened by the Obama administration.  Finally, three testified before the Congress and painted a dire picture.  They were honest and believe me, their careers are now toast.  This stinks!  The Clinton/Obama/Rice lies are obviously a cover up to keep the American public from knowing the depth of the Obama/Clinton involvement and why.  Who is pulling their puppet strings?

The Saudis and other Arabs who have reportedly provided millions in illegala (laundered) funds for Obama’s two elections have IOU’s coming from Obama, and they called these in.  The Sunnis want the Shiia/Alawite Assad regime to fall, and are doing all that they can to make this happen.  They are using us surrogate servants towards this end.  The Clintons are no less involved in that they receive millions of dirty Arab oil money as well via ‘slick’ Willie’s regular “speaking” trips to the oil states and then collecting multi-million dollar honorariums on a very regular basis.  Hillary may well receive as much as a half of a billion laundered petro-dollars for her 2016 run for the Presidency.

In short, the President of the United States is owned by the Saudis and their partners as is aspiring future President of the United States, Hillary Clinton.

Now, we have the savage Boston Marathon terrorist blasts which were wildly cheered by Moslems the world over.  The alert and capable Boston police quickly apprehended a Saudi citizen in the early stages of their investigation.  His name is Abdul al-Harbi, a student permitted to attend school in Findlay, Ohio, where he never attended, and a terror watch list subject who received preferential (politically influenced) treatment in getting his visa.  He was slightly wounded and spent a short period of time in a Boston hospital where he was reportedly visited by the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama (There are other rumors that Haribi has been a guest at the White House.).  Haribi is obviously an operational Islamic jihadist who has several relatives involved with the terrorist al Qaeda network.  Two of his terrorist kinfolk ensconced at Gitmo.  Is Haribi motivated to take some sort of revenge on America?  You betcha!  Were fifteen of the 9/11 hijackers fellow Saudis?  You betcha!  Is Haribi well schooled in terrorism?  You betcha!  Does Haribi have access to sufficient funds to hire jihadis to do his bidding in this?  You betcha!

How the hell did this swine, Haribi ever get a visa to come to the USA in the first place?  Did he get his visa because of corruption in the State Department?  You betcha!  Was “Congressional” influence possibly involved in getting his visa?  You betcha!

Within hours of this jihadi, Haribi, being apprehended by the excellent Boston police, the FBI took over the investigation, and just hours later, this terrorist Saudi prince of slime was ‘deported’ back to Saudi Arabia.  Why?  We know that the FBI is also infiltrated by Islamic terrorists, aka The Moslem Brotherhood.  It’s no great leap of faith to connect the dots indicating that Someone from the White House told someone at the Justice Department, who told someone at the FBI, who told others to get the SOB out of America before the Boston police could grab onto his miserable backside, and his apparently very close ties to the Saudi royal family were revealed.  [Concidentally, within hours of AlHaribi’s being identified as a person of interest, the Saudis unleashed a diplomatic blitz on the White House (a personal, and very private consultation initiated by the Saudi Ambassador and Obama’s immediate acquiescence) was followed by Al Haribi’s being ‘deported’.]  Are Saudis tied to this act of jihadi terrorism, this blatant act of war, on American soil?  You double betcha!

A week after the terrorist attack on the citizens of Boston and the compliant media, they claimed that these two al Qaeda trained [and Saudi financed] terrorists were merely acting out on religious grounds.  Does that stench of lies bother you?  You betcha!

A week after the terrorist attack, the FBI concluded that there were possibly twelve others involved in the Islamic terrorist cell.  How did the FBI arrive at this number?

The FBI actions in assisting the likely co-conspirator, Alharibi, and terrorist cell leader in the jihadi attack need to be investigated.

The Tsaraev family came here as refugees in fear for their lives, lived on welfare, and then returned, traveled to and from Russia which they had fled (in fear of death), all on taxpayer backs.  Why was this allowed?  Some of those 16,000 IRS agents that Obama is taking on to go after the 150 million or so American taxpayers ought to be re-focused on immigrants who refuse to assimilate, get jobs, and pay their own fair share.


James E. Horn

Retired U.S. Diplomat (Counter Terrorism)


This has been posted by James E. Horn

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