Gun Control/People Control, 2013





    SUMMARY:  Children were killed in a massacre by a maniac who used guns.  He could have used swords, but he chose guns.  The haters of American liberty capitalized on this and went on a rampage against guns, as they always do when such happens, and as they always will as sure as the sun rises in the morning.  They didn’t focus on the insane man who did this and other lunatics who have committed other such acts.  Why?  Controlling guns gives socialist/communist/progressives power over decent people, and locking murderous sociopaths away doesn’t give such rewards.

     A new phenomenon is developing.  The socialist/communist/progressives will soon figure this out and try to harness it to their advantage, and to the great disadvantage of all Americans, even illegals.  We civilized, cognizant, real people need to jump on this quickly and nip it in the bud before it overwhelms us. 


     The moment that I heard about the Connecticut school massacre, I understood three things:  I needed to pray for the innocents’ souls and I did; I understood that the anti-gun loons would go on a rampage, and they certainly are; I understood that cognizant, rational defenders of the Constitution would have to defend the Second Amendment as they must.

     Led by Obama the Oath Breaker, the anti-gun fringe wants to turn everyone into lemmings, which we aren’t.  They want to control people starting with anyone that they define as mentally defective, which they apparently are.  Almost without question, nearly every mass shooting incident in the last twenty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings all share one thing in common, and its not the weapons used.  Evidence points to the largest common factor in all of these that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes.

     I suggest that large numbers of the anti-gun movement are likewise consumers of psychotropic drugs.

     Surrounded by guns that protect him and his children, Obama said that guns are no good, the hypocritical implication being that only the elites like he, Feinstein, Rosie O’Donnell, Jeraldo, etc. should have guns so that armed despot wannabes like them can willy-nilly kill decent, law abiding people they don’t approve of.  Elitist TV personality, David Gregory waved a prohibited (in the District of Columbia) high capacity magazine on TV, while a common mortal would be tackled, beaten tortured with a stun gun, and slammed into jail for the same offense.  Gregory should be gifted with a stay in the slammer.  A newspaper saw fit to jeopardize the lives of gun owners as well as non-owners by publishing names and address of gun owners, thus showing those who are unprotected.  Every citizen in those counties ought to sue for violation of their privacy and security, and if even one person gets injured, the newspaper should be held liable both criminally and civilly.  Burglaries are now happening in direct response to that irresponsible reporting.

     Naturally, Obama, Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg, and their Constitution hating cohort have predictably jerked their knees in their condemnations and cockamamie concoctions on how to deal with innocent guns.  Their combined efforts have actually spurred gun sales enormously.  One should ask what their commissions from the gun industry are, while many in the befuddled mainstream media again seem bewildered.

     After disarming its people, Australia saw their murder and other crime rates skyrocket.  The most heavily armed country in the world, Switzerland, has the lowest gun crime rates.  Go figure.

     Free Americans need high capacity guns because this rightly scares the crap out of wannabe tyrants like Feinstein and keeps them in check.  Likewise, were it not for the Second Amendment, these progressives would trash the First Amendment immediately and move to control people’s thinking more than they are now.  Increasingly, patriotic groups are reminding everyone that the Declaration of Independence cited an oppressive, tyrannical, hostile government as a valid reason for a revolution, and people are gathering together now with this in mind.  New reports indicate that more than half of Americans now distrust – have no confidence – in their increasingly intrusive and oppressive government, that we are losing our rights as free people and are at risk of becoming enslaved.

     It is a sorrowful state of affairs when millions of Americans have no confidence that their government is any longer a responsible government that they should not need to fear.  Fear and distrust of the US Government is growing daily.  A prime example of government falsehood was a photo-op with Los Angeles Police Chief, Charlie Beck, parading a “rocket launcher” reportedly from a gun buyback program.  The “launcher” was actually a toy used for training, probably the same one he used in another fear mongering program.  Our government officials lied to us here, again.

     We lack an effective deterrence for mass killing maniacs.  (Some pull the trigger on themselves after they kill and thus eliminate our having to deal with them further.)  We need to find ways to round them up before they kill.  Others who don’t kill themselves are coddled in special wards of jails, and then hospitalized, often for life.  This is NOT a deterrent.  Swift disposition should be the rule, not coddling.  Timothy McVeigh (oh, yeah, he used fertilizer, not guns) was a mass murderer who was rightfully executed.  Nidal Hassan’s execution is past due.  The Aurora Colorado shooter, Holmes, deserves quick trial and execution just as Tucson shooter, Jared Loughner should be executed, not kept around as parasitic pets for the entertainment of various ‘shrinks’.  Oh, yeah:  Hassan, Holmes, and Loughner are, like the Connecticut shooter, Lanza, insane.  And, I believe they were registered Democrats.  With the exception of Hassan, they live in a fantasy world of prescribed pharmaceuticals’ induced psychosis protected in their lunacy by lawyers and liberal judges.  Hassan is being treated like a criminal while he in fact was a terrorist, and his victims are being denied justice.

     Bully Obama made a big show of signing a bunch of pieces of paper which he declared would reduce gun violence.  He refused to say a single word about his Hollywood’s paymasters’ gun happy killing in movies, or the video industry’s thousands of violent video games, both of which increase aggressive feelings of, and desensitize the brains of people to acts of tyranny and violence.  In effect, Obama supports aggressive stimulation of the type that spurred Lanza, Loughner, and Holmes:  Obama both supports gun violence at the same time as he considers our Constitution an affront to his agenda.

     Again, the anti gun crowd started going off about the ex LAPD officer Chris Dornan and his killing spree using guns.  As soon as it was determined that he was a progressive liberal, the media curtailed its reporting on him.

     Those in the pharmaceutical and legal world (including politicians like Obama, Fenstein, Schumer, and their cohort) should be held accountable for loosing these maniacs on the streets where they can menace and kill decent people.

     In another turn, increasingly tyrannical Obama, terrified of honorable, capable, and competent citizens has initiated a program where he wants to compel ‘military veterans’ (twenty or so million of us?) to surrender their private guns. 


New Phenomenon


     This might scare the stuffing out of you!

     Since the shooting of Representative Gabriella Gifford at an open “town hall” type meeting at a mall in Tucson, few national politicians engage in any such activities anymore.  They are terrified that some lunatic will pick on them next.  So, everything they do now is in a locked-down security environment that can intimidate voters.

     In California, cop gone nuts, Christopher Dorner, turned out a manifesto about revenge, and went out and killed the child of someone who actually tried to help him once, and then several cops.  Next, a Colorado Warden was gunned down at his home, a prosecutor in Texas was gunned down at his home alongside of his wife, and then a Sheriff in West Virginia was murdered.  Rest assured, there will be more copycats, and such activities may become permanent fixtures in our society.  Naturally, the socialists/communists/progressives will use this as another excuse, like Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Castro, and other tyrants to try to disarm decent, law-abiding, patriotic citizens.  With this, these tyrants can then impose whatever fanciful version of tyrannical governance that they feel like.  But, God forbid that they might take action to take control of sociopaths, lunatics, and maniacs, the very fodder for misdirected maniacs like Diane Feinstein, a functional sociopath in her own right.  What on earth would Feinstein do if these lunatics started using garrotes?  Outlaw rope?

     We can understand that officials of all levels and types, elected, hired, or appointed have received threats and may live in fear, demanding elite protection, body guards, or engaging in extraordinary measures to protect their security.  How much “security” can we afford to provide to them?

     Let’s paint a future vision where decisions are made to put these frightened people and their extended families into secure compounds with high walls and electrified fences, gun towers, and so forth.  Naturally, they, the new ruling class will make sure that they will be provided with all of the finest amenities at taxpayer (soon to be serfs) expense, of course.  We serfs will never be allowed into those compounds except to perform menial tasks, for pitiful compensation.

     How about starting to take measures to thwart those sociopaths, socialists, Marxists, communists, Democrats, and of course their well funded Moslem bosses from achieving their goal of enslaving civilized Americans?  What do we do?

     First, understand that shooting them is out of the question.  That would only fuel their insecurity.

     Use their tactics, the tactics of Saul Alinsky.

          Make them fear us.  Make them understand that WE have the power.

          Use our skills and expertise, and if we don’t have such, develop what we need. 

          Make them live up to their own rules.  Call for Feinstein to get rid of her own guns.

          Ridicule them in every way.  This will make them look foolish, that they are not invincible, and are in fact weaklings.

          When we do something that is successful, continue doing so only until it no longer gives us benefit.  Offer constructive alternatives to their foolish ideas, and identify their foolishness and corruption often.  Like, guns can only kill when they have controlling accomplices. 

          Conduct smart activities to keep pressure on them, and come up with something new often, keep them off balance.  This is where civil actions can work.  Demonstrations.  Signs.  Disruptive behavior that is not illegal such as getting several drivers on a freeway, going side-by-side at the posted speed limits, getting into their meetings and then asking embarrassing questions, etc.  [When I walk into local City Council meetings, some council members visibly gulp and reach for their antacids.  They fear me, what I might ask or say]  Be politically active:  Join the Democratic party and then throw monkey wrenches into their plans and works.  Join the Republican party and call out the CAIR infiltrators.


In ending, it seems like some sort of check to determine the mental state of gun buyers is in the works. 


Will every cop whose been involved in a shooting incident followed by a session with police shrinks have their guns taken away from them?


Will the actress, Ashley Judd be denied a gun?  She’s been institutionalized for several weeks suffering from things similar to the stresses that warriors face.  She is therefore a certifiable loon.  I live just 100 miles from Hollywood, CA (measured in hours not in miles) where it can take 2-3 hours to get from here to my home.  If this certified lunatic, Judd comes storming into my house with a gun in her hand, how long will it take for the police to respond to my 911 call?


Senator Feinstein, after finding the body of her San Francisco mayor received counseling.  Can she now be denied the opportunity to purchase guns, or even have her CCW taken away?  Hah!  She’s elite, above us serfs, right



Jim Horn



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