Living in Southern California, I see them often:  Impoverished, grungy looking, with fearful gazes, they shuffle into stores, buy their food, clothing and other needs and disappear from sight.


Pathway to Citizenship, Amnesty, whatever – it’s all the same, an irresponsible political sham that’s been going on for fifty years, and the ‘illegals’ suffering continues.

Barak Obama and his liberal cohort are successfully pandering to gullible and vulnerable Latinos who are in the USA illegally.  Call these unfortunates what anyone likes, undocumented aliens, criminals, victims, or whatever – there are millions of them here and we need to deal with an issue that we, I repeat, we have created.  This issue is not one that the illegals have created.


Communities all over the country have declared their cities, towns or whatever to be sanctuaries where the illegals can avoid having to deal with immigration or other related authorities.  Along with these illegals come criminal elements who prey on other Latinos, and on society in general.

Excerpted from my book, Di Di Daw Daw Di Di:

Undocumented, criminals should not be encouraged to cross over the borders and hold out as they have until some sort of amnesty is declared because the cowardly U.S. Congress is so screwed up and inept that it can’t handle just this one glaring 30+ year running problem.


There should be no more amnesty programs or declarations. Whenever an amnesty is even considered, it is clearly an acknowledgement that the sitting President along with the entire Congress are complete and total failures incapable of doing their jobs, and need to be removed from office.


Employers who hire criminal illegal aliens should be punished with increasing levels of fines and even closures of businesses, as well as imprisonment for repeat offenders.


The Immigration laws, policies, and practices of the United States; and the management of these must be reviewed carefully with a view to become more restrictive in allowing both immigrants and non-immigrants access to the United States.  There are the politically correct idiots or genuine fools who espouse the benefits of open borders, the open borders lobby (OBL), who consider immigration laws to be ‘anti-immigrant’. These pinheaded morons are the terrorists’ greatest friends (and allies), and are of course champions of AZTLAN, La Raza (the race), and other closely related racist anti-American organizations such as the Mexican style KKK –

MEChA. They are well represented by criminal drug cartels, illegal smugglers, al Qaeda, and others from whom they derive a goodly portion of their support (money).


In fact, Mexican Coyotes (people smugglers) have been actively moving non-Latinos over the border into the United States by the hundreds. One of these was ranking Hezbollah murderer and convicted terrorist, Mahmood Youssef Kourani. Kourani’s trip into the USA began with a visa to Mexico purchased from a corrupt Mexican visa official in Beirut, Lebanon. He was driven over the border from Tijuana into the USA in a car trunk.  Thank God for sensible, honest politicians like Representatives Tom Tancredo and James Sensenbrenner who along with other genuine patriots worked diligently to keep America whole and civilized.


Immigration laws, rules, and regulations are a mess. The Congress needs to sit down and overhaul the laws. That’s no small challenge. But it must be dealt with responsibly.


Whenever an illegal is caught, they need to be locked up immediately, and charged with violating U.S. immigration laws. If apprehended while violating state or federal laws, they need to be tried, convicted, and serve sentences before being repatriated to their home countries. If caught a second time, they ought to be imprisoned for a longer period of time.


Congressman Issa of California looked at this issue and believes the Border Patrol can accomplish this by allocating personnel and resources to the prison systems. The personnel are available and can be removed from less productive duties, tasked and assigned to these roles where they can do the most good.


Asylum is abused. Every person seeking asylum ought to be held until a complete investigation of their case is expeditiously completed as appropriate. If valid, they can then be granted a temporary visa, until their situation changes, at which time they ought to be repatriated. If they deliver babies, the babies should NOT get U.S. legacy baby citizenship. If they commit a felony,

their asylum should be revoked immediately, they can then serve a prison term and then be repatriated to their home country, or any other country that will take them. If their asylum

claim is bogus (such as Palestinians murderers or terrorists merely trying to avoid being arrested and imprisoned by the Israelis), they ought to be imprisoned and then, when their sentence is served, be either repatriated to their home countries or extradited as appropriate to face



Legal residents (Green Card holders) should be encouraged (credits or cash for courses completed satisfactorily) to learn English, study government, and take a real test (as was required in the past) to become legitimate citizens. They must accomplish this within five years, or off they go. If they commit felonies (while Green Card holders), they ought to be treated like criminals, serve prison sentences, have their Green Card revoked, and be repatriated to their home countries, and their legacy babies can go with them.


Our borders are porous, too porous. It is not possible to “seal” them absolutely as some xenophobes wish. However, by dealing sternly with those who come into the United States illegally, we can send a message that the good times aren’t rolling anymore.  At present our borders, especially our border with Mexico are nearly meaningless. Criminals by the thousands pass over those borders every day. American citizens living along those borders live in fear

which is unreasonable and represents irresponsible government inaction.


Our borders with Mexico are two thousand miles long allowing more than a million illegal crossings a year. They are so poorly guarded that busses drive to the border and let dozens off who just pour over the border.  Those feeble controls are an invitation for mayhem in the way of

Gangsters and terrorists. In just one month, October of 2003, 5,510 illegal aliens designated “Other Than Mexican” (OTM) were picked up crossing over into Arizona from Mexico. A significant percentage of those numbers did not speak Spanish, but did speak Arabic, Farsi

(Iranian), and other Middle Eastern languages. Those numbers represent only those who got caught. If five Islamizst terrorists per day got over the border (a very modest number), that would represent 1825 per year, and considering that many are insane enough to wrap themselves in high explosives, that is a growing and very dangerous army already massed within the borders of United States.


One of the gravest travesties of our non-policy towards illegal immigration is that we are the ones responsible for causing so much suffering.  Obama, Bush, Congressional Republicans and Democrats alike all take and took big money from big companies that want to maintain the status quo so that they could get away with paying low wages, and having no responsibility for or towards the illegal workers.  This is irresponsible, reprehensible, immoral, and unethical and

is supported by politicians and dirty money that drives them.


Add to this the fact that because of their illegal status, these poor people are in the USA with no safety nets. If they get injured or sick, their employers don’t bear or have any responsibilities for their care.  We taxpayers wind up paying for their care. 


Further, when they lose their income, there is no safety net, and some of these poor illegal immigrants have nothing to do but resort to crime at one level or another to survive. They tend to prey on one-another which some think is OK (it’s not, it’s wrong). Their illegal activities are many and include drugs, human trafficking, murder, and so forth.


American citizens or legal immigrants on attaining the age of majority or graduation from their

secondary school or university should be conscripted into the Border Patrol where they would serve for up to two years along the border, inspecting inbound freight (ocean, truck, and rail) and luggage, building fences, barriers, and walls; manning checkpoints and outposts, etc.  They would be armed and authorized to use lethal force, to shoot back when shot at. Some could even be assigned to visa offices in consulates and Embassies to help with that workload. Non-college graduates could serve for up to four years, and then get a free (GI bill type) college education. College/University graduates would get two years of post graduate studies paid for and/or

other benefits.


Fences make good neighbors.  Israel, after years of being terrorized by Arab hashassins built a

wall to fence themselves off from the Arabs. It worked. Insane, murderous Arabs were frustrated and thwarted from dong their evil deeds.  We need to fence Mexico off, to enable them to be a better, more responsible neighbor. We need to let that government deal with its own issues, not dump them on the United States. If the Mexican government can’t or won’t serve its people, then the Mexican people should hang or just shoot their so-called leaders and start over again.


Many Mexicans and American Latinos claim that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California are just occupied extensions of Mexico and that the Gringos are ‘illegals’. These are members of “La Raza de Bronze” a hateful racist organization with a fantasy of creating a Latino utopia called AZTLAN in the above named states. Yeah, sure, and if these states ever became a part of  Mexico, folks would soon be climbing over fences to seek jobs and a life in the United States, and to escape gross mismanagement and corruption, all that exists behind whatever borders of Mexico. Face reality folks: Those territories were sold to the United States by a then (as is today)

indecently corrupt Mexican government following an honest, legitimate war that gave freedom to the people in those territories who sought freedom then, and who live in and enjoy freedom, prosperity, and security in those American states now.


The Mexican government is inserting itself into American internal affairs by distributing anti-American books and literature in the United States. Some on the American side wrongly ignore this, and others on the Mexican side claim they have a right to do this. Can you imagine if the Russians began distributing books in Germany that were ugly lies and anti-German propaganda, or if the Germans did so in Russia or France, or vice-versa?


By any shake of logic, this distribution of anti-American propaganda in the United States confirms that Mexico is a very hostile neighbor. The American authorities who have been aware of this for

over a dozen years and by doing nothing but give it a pass are treasonous themselves and ought to be fired if bureaucrats, and voted out of office if elected officials.


In some areas, the United States has begun building high walls and fences to control the flow of ‘illegals’. With this obstacle, the ‘illegals’ have moved to more remote and hostile areas devoid of water and where the terrain is difficult. More and more of these people have died trying to sneak into the United States. [I pray for their souls and that their country might one day have some honest, legitimate leaders who actually care and work for the good of their people. That’s

all.] American pinheads are predictably up in arms and want to put out supply stations with food and water, and maps to help criminals sneak along the way. That’s stupid. It encourages ever more illegal acts. We need to extend those walls and fences all of the way.


There remained near San Diego a long section of border that was not walled for some reason (reportedly to do with habitat) where hundreds of lawbreakers broke into the United States every day. Finally, in late 2005, judges cleared the final obstacles to building those walls, and when he learned of that, the Mexican el Presidente declared that this was wrong, yada-yada-yada. Who is he to tell us what is right or wrong when we act to protect ourselves? 

Fortunately, the House of Representatives approved an additional 700 miles of fencing.


Mexican police and military authorities have been making illegal forays into the United States, even shooting at uniformed American authorities. This is precisely where forceful response is needed. We need warplanes and a fleet of helicopter gunships or armed drones out there along those borders. When a Border Patrol Agent reports any such incursions, let the gunships or drones deal with the invaders.


While some politicians and wishful thinkers declare otherwise, it is obvious that our neighbor to the south, Mexico, is far less than a friendly neighbor and is NOT in any way a participating partner in anything other than exploiting the United States in the most egregious ways. Their authorities make incursions across our borders and shoot at us, committing acts of war that deserve an appropriate response, and our own elected leadership is grossly derelict when they fail to respond.


Those illegal incursions are in support of abetting illegal immigrants, drug smuggling, and even helping terrorists intent on doing America and its citizens grievous harm. In 2005, when Mexican attorney general, Rafael Macedo de la Concha, proclaimed after “Mexican authorities had investigated“, that no terrorists have come across the border from Mexico into the United States, he was flat out lying. If he wasn’t lying, then he is incredibly stupid, and in fact was probably both.

Our national policies and actions need to be revised to reflect this reality. We need to seriously protect our borders, our sovereignty, and our security.


In Mexico, the Mexican national and local “policia” rip American tourists off whenever they get the urge. They are abusive and negligent. Any Americans who venture over the border and make such contributions to Mexico’s largely illicit wealth are fools deserving of being ripped off by those scum.


There are many along the American/Mexican border who have beliefs, fears, and concerns that are reasonable. While their names may be of Hispanic origin, these people are Americans, loyal, faithful, patriotic Americans. These people just know that it is the corrupt Mexican government and many who are challenging the sovereignty of the United States’ borders with Mexico. 


Besides the borders with Mexico and Canada, we have other border issues to contend with: Native American (Indian) tribal lands. Many of the tribal areas are along or even straddling the borders.  Tribal members can live wherever they wish in their tribal area and are allowed to move around at will. Many have no birth certificates and their actual nationality may (and rightfully should) be in dispute when they step outside of those tribal lands.  Because the tribal lands are tribal controlled, federal law enforcement authorities are often not permitted to enter into tribal areas to do their business.  This needs to be corrected.


We need fences and walls.  If a secure fence and wall are good enough for the Mexican President and we have a might fence around the White House, it stands to reason that good fences between Mexico and the USA are a good idea.  If it’s good enough for the President, it’s good enough for us.


We need an effective, viable system now.  We just can’t arbitrarily throw umpteen million illegals out of the country if they have not committed any other crimes than to jump over the border.


Neither can we grant wholesale amnesty.  That was done under the Reagan administration, and that action only encouraged more illegal immigration.  We don’t need to repeat another mistake and another flood of illegals.


Fifty years ago, we had an effective work visa system that was scrapped, leaving everyone on a lurch with the resulting illegal immigration, crime in certain areas, and untold suffering of millions of unfortunate people just seeking a better life.  Politicians on both sides of the aisle refused to do anything to rectify the situation.  Their big buck agricultural campaign donors wanted the status quo and the politicians bowed to those big donor cash cows.  Big agriculture didn’t want to have any responsibility for workers, didn’t want to make sure workers were documented, didn’t want to pay insurance or other benefits, didn’t want anything to do with making workers legitimate.  It was easier to dump the body of a diseased, overworked, poisoned (with pesticides) worker into a deep furrow in the ground than to take care of them.  It was cheaper to have desperately poor workers who didn’t pay taxes, Social Security, or Medicare.  Many become sick or are injured and, suffering terribly, return home to a sorrowful future.  This is a disgrace.


Now, we have a monster on our hands.  Both parties are guilty of letting this fester for so long.  Senator Ted Kennedy promised to work on this in order to get Reagan to sign off on the amnesty, and then reneged, betraying everyone and probably pocketing millions from big agriculture.  Reagan failed to call Kennedy on his broken promise – a promise to end misery for millions.  Obama and the liberals now are working to force a new amnesty program down Republican throats. 


The Congress needs to step up to the plate and be responsibly unpartisan for a change – to do something good for America.  We need to get all of these millions of illegals to come forward, to register, list their employers, and do everything else to legitimize their presence and their work.  In return, they can get legitimate work visas, start paying taxes, Social Security, Medicare and related bills; and take time off to return to their homelands and apply for immigrant visas and get into line; and then get their work visas renewed.  Employers need to step up and support their workers with responsible, living wages and benefits, including funding English and citizenship courses for intending citizens.  Some of these folks won’t qualify for citizenship, or may even not want citizenship, in which cases they can opt out of Social Security and Medicare and invest funds into retirement accounts in other places so that when the do retire, they can go home to  retire with dignity and honor. 


Big agriculture and their (paid) supporters will wail and gnash their teeth while prognosticating ab out all sorts of dire consequences regarding food production and so forth.  Me, I’ll gladly pay a dime more for an ear of corn, a head of lettuce, a bottle of Heinz ketchup, some canned Niblets peas, or Jolly Green Giant beans.


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